Can A Honda Civic Tow A Jet Ski

Can A Honda Civic Tow A Jet Ski?

Honda Civics aren’t the cars you typically think of when it comes to towing. However, that doesn’t stop drivers wanting to tow smaller and more manageable cargo like a jet ski with their Civic. But wanting to tow a jet ski, and the reality of towing are two different things…

Can you tow a jet ski with a Honda Civic? Yes, in theory a Honda Civic can tow a jet ski. The average jet ski weighs between 300 and 950 pounds, and the average Honda Civic can tow up between 1,760 and 2,645 pounds. However, before you tow a jet ski, check its weight and your Civic’s handbook.

It’s not always that simple, here’s more on whether your Honda Civic can pull a jet ski or not.

Before you tow, it’s not just the weight of the jet ski. You need to consider other cargo and the weight of the trailer. That combined might take you over the towing weight threshold for your Civic. 

Can a Honda Civic tow a jet ski?

Most Honda Civics can tow the average jet ski, Sea-Doo, or WaveRunner if its towing capacity is in pounds and ranges between 1,000 to 1,500 pounds.

If the weight of the trailer, ski, and additional gear comes between this range then it’s possible that your Civic can tow a jet ski and the associated gear. 

This means that your Civic should be able to pull a jet ski, as long as the total weight of the vehicle and towed equipment do not exceed the vehicle’s towing capacity. The maximum weight you can tow is determined by your vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and the model of your car. 

The GVWR is the maximum weight that your vehicle can legally tow public roadways. It’s typically found on the vehicle’s license plate or in the handbook of the Honda Civic. 

Tips for towing a jet ski with your Honda Civic

Now, it’s time to figure out if you have enough horsepower to pull a jet ski behind your Civic. This will be in the Honda manual. If your Civic’s engine has less than 150 horsepower, it’s unlikely that you can tow a jet ski.

1. Towing capacity

Some Honda models such as Accord have towing power of 1,000 lbs. which is not suitable for heavy towing. On the other hand, the Honda Civic having a horsepower of 158-HP is more appropriate for dragging weight such as jet ski.

2. The weight of the jet ski

Depending on if you have a stand-up or a more recent sit-down model, the average jet ski weighs between 300 and 950 pounds.

3. Trailer weight

Most single ski aluminum trailers weigh between 170 and 250 pounds, so you will need to pay attention to the weight of your trailer when you are moving it from one lift to another. If your trailer is too heavy, you will have a difficult time getting it up to the top of the lift.

4. Additional loads

When you’re towing a jet ski with a trailer or a boat behind your Civic, you need to make sure that you have everything that you need to get you where you’re going safely and efficiently. 

You need to consider the different types of items that you will be towing, like safety equipment weighing around 100 pounds. They might affect your overall weight distribution. 

5. Total towing weight

You need to consider all these factors before towing a jet ski with your Honda Civic and compare them with your car’s capacity to carry this load. It might be that you go over what you can tow.

Further steps to consider

  • GVWR or GVM stands for “gross vehicle weight rating” or “gross vehicle mass” accordingly. They tell you the total weight a car can carry legally on the road.
  • The last Safety procedure is to make sure your trailer is linked properly where it should be linked, take a look at your tires and make sure they are inflated as needed, no chains of any kind are hanging down from the car or trailer, and that your trailer indicators and tires are working properly.
  • Towing technology can also be updated in your car software, but some have already installed towing equipment as the new Honda CR-V has.
  • Car maintenance is one factor you might ignore but it is essential that your car must be in good shape and condition to put this burden on your engine. Also, check if your car tires are in good condition to grip the road while pulling.
  • Driving skills is a basic point if you are a rookie in towing. You may have noticed that the trailer tends to move in the opposite direction as you turn your vehicle, so you’ll need to practice obtaining a firm grip on the road. If not, your car might lose its balance and you may not be able to control it.

Related questions 

What’s Honda Civic 2022 towing capacity?

To be honest, Honda is taking their cars to the next level with towing power of 3,500 pounds because of the 11th generation’s 1.5 Turbo Touring Engine. All this is possible due to the 4-cylinder engine providing horsepower of 180-HP.

What is Honda Civic tow hitch?

A hitch is a piece of equipment that attaches to your car’s bumper. It’s a necessary accessory if you plan on towing a trailer with your vehicle. 

Your hitch should be installed correctly to avoid damaging your vehicle’s body or suspension system. Yes, you can install a trailer hitch on your own if you have the required tools. 

Installing the trailer hitch is an easy task that can be completed by most car owners. The easiest method to install a trailer hitch on your car is to do it yourself (DIY). Custom hitches from CURT are designed to make installation as simple and minimally invasive as possible.

How to attach a hitch with my Civic?

You’ll need to install a hitch on the back of your Honda Civic if you want to tow a trailer. This is a simple procedure that will only take a few minutes. 

You will need a flat surface to work on, a hitch receiver, a hitch pin, and a socket wrench.


  • Attach a metal sheet to the frame where you want to fit the hitch.
  • Bring tools like hook bar etc. to bolt the hitch into the car. Make sure the alignment of the 
  • Drill the holes and tighten the screws of the hitch with a ranch.
  • Use fluid-fill products to fill the unwanted holes.
  • It has the capacity to tow 2000 pound trailer but then the question arrives, can your car be able to pull it.


I would not personally tow a jet ski and trailer from a Honda Civic. Whilst you might just get under the total weight limit allowance, chances are you will be very close and could damage the car.

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