Honda Accord starter motor price

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Starter on a Honda Accord?

When your Honda refuses to start or takes a long time to start, it could be that you need to replace starter motor. Depending on whether you do it yourself, or get a mechanic to help, the Honda Accord starter motor replacement cost will vary. But there are some general guidelines to prices you can follow… as shown below.

How much does it cost to replace a starter on a Honda Accord? With labor and the cost of the starter are factored in, a replacement cost for a Honda Accord starter could cost between $420 and $600. This pricing is subject to vary due to the cost of any extra items necessary to finish the repair.

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In this article, I will delve further into what replacing your Honda Accord’s starter will cost. I will also highlight signs to help you know when the starter has gone bad. Let’s begin.

Honda Accord starter motor replacement costs

The starter is an electric motor that powers the engine when you turn the ignition key. The car starter is primarily responsible for starting the engine.

When your Honda Accord starter fails, it can harm other expensive components such as the electrical system or cause the lights to flicker.

The cost of replacing the starter in your Honda Accord is between $420 and $600. Labor costs are typically between $100 and $150, while the starter costs between $320 and $450. 

Honda Accord starter motor prices are subject to differences based on the make and model of your car, as well as any related repairs… and even where in the United States to choose to have the replacement done.

Before repairing your Accord’s starter, have a professional perform a diagnostic test to ensure that the starter is malfunctioning. A bad battery, a malfunctioning neutral start switch, or other damaged electrical components in the starter motor circuit might be the root of the issue.

When deciding where to repair the starter on your Accord, it’s a good idea to get an estimate from a mechanic so you know precisely what to expect in terms of price and time commitment. 

Before choosing whether to pay the Honda Accord starter motor replacement price, I recommend you seek estimates from several dealers or mechanics. This gives several options to choose from as they can differ wildly.

Signs of a faulty Honda Accord starter

When your Accord’s starter goes bad, you should replace it ASAP. There are different ways to determine when your Accord’s starter is faulty. Here are some signs that may tip you off that the starter is faulty. 

1. The engine won’t start 

Before anything, once your starter becomes faulty, your car will refuse to start when you turn the key. In this situation, either the solenoid or the starter motor is damaged. It could also be an electrical issue with the battery.

Get a mechanic to replace the starter if this occurs.

2. Irregular starting

Those times you turn the ignition switch and the engine doesn’t start the first time but starts when you try again, it’s a sign there’s an issue with the starter relay. 

The starter relay is responsible for transmitting power to the starter. Its failure is often caused by dirt, overheating, an electrical fault, or greasy contacts. 

3. Dim lights 

When you start your, car you may notice that your Accord’s headlights or interior lights dim. It indicates that the starter is consuming more energy than usual, or that there is inadequate energy in it when you start your engine. This might result in a short circuit.

4. The starter doesn’t disengage or the flywheel doesn’t engage

The starting circuit in your Accord should open once you turn the key. Most starters have a small pinion gear that engages a larger ring gear on the flywheel to start the engine and disengages once the engine starts.

However, if there is a grinding noise when you start the engine, it could be that the main contacts in the starter solenoid have become stuck. 

The normal thing when you turn on your engine is for the flywheel to engage with the starter’s pinion gear. The pinion gear turns the flywheel at about 200 RPM, causing the engine to start.

So, whenever you turn the key and hear the starter motor engage, but the flywheel does not connect with the starter motor. It is a sign the flywheel’s teeth may be worn or the starting motor’s pinion gear has not linked up with the flywheel.

If this occurs, you should immediately switch off your vehicle. If the starter remains active, it can cause significant damage to the whole starter system. It can also be dangerous to the flywheel gear, rendering the engine unusable.

5. The starter is clogged with oil

When your starter is drenched in oil, it signifies there has been an oil leak. Oil leaks signify a problem with your starter, they are not a normal occurence . Tiny droplets of leaking oil can quickly become a major issue, so get your starter examined before things get out of hand.

6. Grinding Noises 

Another symptom of a faulty starter is a loud grinding noise when you start your engine. This noise could also be a clicking or whirring noise. 

This occurs when the teeth on the starter pinion gear is damaged. This would hinder the pinion gear from connecting well with the flywheel.

7. Smoke 

In situations where you notice or smell smoke coming from your Accord when starting the engine, it indicates that the starter is overheated. A short circuit or a blown fuse might also be the cause. 

Continued attempts to start the engine may result in more harm. Instead, have a mechanic examine it.

Related questions

Can I drive my Accord with a faulty starter?

The starter is only required for starting the engine. The starter is no longer required once the engine is working. So, if your starter fails, you won’t be able to start the engine, much less drive the car. Once you determine that your starter is faulty, have a mechanic inspect it promptly.

How long do starters last in Hondas?

Two starters cannot work for the same amount of time. Some may fail sooner than later. The starter will typically last 100,000 to 150,000 kilometers. In most vehicles, the starter can serve the whole life of the vehicle.

You may not know that your starter is dying until the day your car comes down with starting issues and you have to call for service.

Can a faulty starter motor drain my battery?

Yes! A malfunctioning stater can completely deplete your battery. If you continually try to start your car with a malfunctioning starter, it may drain the battery quicker.

Handy Hint: Many people advise letting your car idle to charge the battery. It’s not that simple though!

An overcharged battery is a typical side effect of a faulty starter. If you don’t care for your vehicle on a regular basis, this condition can worsen quicly.


All cars, including your Honda Accord, are equipped with a starter. A starter is a motor that helps starts the engine, and is triggered by the car key.

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