Honda Civic Trunk Won’t Close

Honda Civic Trunk Won’t Close / Shut (+ Beeps)?

Just like any other part of your car, the trunk (or boot) of your Honda Civic can occasionally cease to operate properly. Some of the more common problems reported relate to the trunk not closing properly, sometimes combined with beeping. 

Why won’t my Honda Civic trunk close? In most cases your Honda Civic trunk or boot won’t close due to an issue with the latch and catch. It could have an obstruction in it, be mis-aligned, or have an electrical fault leading to it not shutting properly and beeping.

Whilst the latch and catch will often be at the heart of the problem when a Honda Civic trunk won’t close and beeps, it won’t always be that. Lower down the page are all the possible reasons and solutions.

Why won’t my Honda Civic trunk stay closed?

These are the most common reasons why your Honda Civic’s trunk won’t close and shut properly… fix it as it’s a security risk that thieves will try to exploit.

1. Rusted latch mechanism

The Civic’s trunk latch mechanism is made of metal. If it has constant exposure to moisture, the latch can be prone to rusting. When the latch becomes rusty, the latch’s grip loosens, causing your Honda Civic’s trunk to refuse to close.

To fix it you will need to remove the corroded latch from the Civic’s trunk and then wash it with pressured water to repair it. Any rust in the latch will be removed by the high-pressure water.

After the latch is dried, apply oil spray to it. You can also add lithium grease (view on Amazon) to the latch to prevent moisture from getting into it in the future. Proper latch lubrication can help keep the latch from corroding.

Honda Civic trunk wont close beeps
Add grease to the latch if your Civic trunk won’t open or close properly.

Handy Hint: If you cannot open it using the fob, here’s how to manually open the trunk.

2. Dirt and debris in the latch

Debris and grime might also be the cause of your Honda Civic trunk not shutting properly. Even the smallest of obstructions in the trunk locking mechanism can prevents the latch from properly connecting with the catch, resulting in the trunk not closing.

Due to the location, the trunk latch is frequently exposed to the environment. As a result, debris enters the latch when loading and unloading luggage from the vehicle’s trunk. This often means your Honda Civic trunk won’t stay closed.

You can remove any debris or grime that is keeping the latch from closing by wiping it with a cloth or vacuuming the area to completely remove any debris that may be stuck.

3. A misaligned catch

A part of the trunk mechanism is a metal catch that is found at the bottom rear of the vehicle. This catch connects to the car trunk latch.

As the catch is metal, it is possible that it will shift, break, or get damaged. This stops the Honda Civic from closing and shutting completely.

Also, damage to the Civic’s rear may potentially affect the catch, preventing the latch from catching. Dents surrounding the latch may cause the latch to become misaligned and can mean your Honda Civic trunk won’t close (and beeps).

The fix is to have the metal repaired and the catch realigned. You might need to use a pair of pliers to straighten a bent catch. You might also need to remove the screws and pull the catch out to rectify the bend.

Honda Civic trunk won't close and beeps
The Honda Civic trunk won’t close and can beep when you leave a key in the trunk.

4. Faulty lock actuator

The lock actuator is a tiny motor with gears that move when you lock the Honda Civic’s trunk, preventing the latch from releasing the trunk lid. If this motor becomes faulty, the trunk latch will be unable to lock or unlock.

Today, most vehicles now have a trunk lock actuator that allows you to open the trunk remotely.

The latch itself is a basic device that works similarly to a door latch in that it attaches the trunk to the body of the car. When you engage the actuator, the latch is released, allowing you to open the trunk freely.

5. A malfunctioning sensor

Some Honda Civics come with a unique feature. This feature keeps your keys from becoming accidentally locked in the trunk – and alerts you with a beep sound.

So, in some cases if you Honda Civic won’t close and beeps there’s nothing wrong with the trunk; it’s only that the key is held too close to the trunk when you want to close it. 

You might have even left your second set of keys in the trunk – this will mean it won’t close and beeps!

Also, sometimes the sensor within the trunk that regulates this function may malfunction and go off when there is baggage in the trunk. Often, simply emptying and shutting the trunk can reset the sensor.

6. Obstruction in the trunk

I left the most obvious until last as I hope you would have checked, but it could be that you have something too big which is jamming the Civic’s trunk.

Honda Civic trunk lock jammed
Check for any obstructions in the trunk.

It’s important you fix any jam as soon as you can, as the damage a water leak can do to a Civic is extensive.

Honda Civic trunk lock jammed – fixes

If your Honda Civic trunk lock is jammed and it won’t open, I also have a fix for you. 

  1. Enter the Civic through a rear door and put the back seats down to give you access into the trunk.
  2. You will need a torch for this next part as you will now crawl into the trunk space and find the truck locking mechanism.
  3. Insert a screwdriver into the bottom half of the latch and wiggle it about to open the trunk.
  4. Remove the screws holding the locking mechanism in place, pull it out.
  5. Look for a small piece of plastic that is used to operate the lock. You can now glue it back into place.
  6. Once it all dries, reconnect the wires and screw the jammed trunk locking mechanism back into place.

How your Civic’s trunk mechanism works

If your Honda Civic trunk won’t close, understanding how it works is often the best way to fixing the problem. 

The Civic trunk latch is a two-part system that includes the locking mechanism and a lower latch that holds the lock when the trunk is closed.

The latch is what keeps the trunk lid closed, this locking mechanism comprises a “keyed lock cylinder” and a trunk lock actuator that allows the trunk to be opened remotely.

The latch on the trunk lid is linked to a spring, which mechanically regulates the operation of the upper latch with the turn of a key. It could also be controlled electronically when the solenoid is activated to spring the latch open. 

This component is generally intended to last the whole life of the vehicle. However, the trunk latch can become broken and so must be replaced at times.

Related questions

Why does my Honda Civic trunk keep opening? 

There are 3 main causes for a Honda Civic trunk to keep opening whilst you are driving. These are the trapping of debris in the trunk’s latch, rust, or the latch has become bent.

All of these mean you won’t have closed the trunk properly before driving off, and then you might hit a bump and the trunk opens – this is particularly common with Civics that have been lowered to have a low ground clearance.

How do I manually open my Honda Civic trunk? 

If you’re Honda Civic is dead or the key fob has died, you can still manually open the trunk. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Take the key out of the fob. There’s a small switch on the fob which you slide over to release the metal key.
  2. Open your car door using the traditional metal key, then open the rear door of the Civic.
  3. Sit on the backseat on the driver’s side. Near the headrest of this seat is a compartment with a plastic cover. Take the cover off.
  4. In the compartment, you may find a key slot or pull strap depending on the model of your vehicle.
  5. Pull the handle to release the trunk if it’s a pull strap. Insert your key and turn it clockwise to release the trunk if it’s a key slot. 

Handy Hint: Here are some similar instructions for unlocking a Honda door when you have no key.

How big is the trunk of a Honda Civic? 

One of the latest Civics, the 2020 model, has a trunk that measures 15.1 cubic feet. In terms of width, you get 70.8 inches wide worth of space, and 56.5 inches high.

Why does my trunk button not work?

A bad fob battery may be the reason the trunk button is not working. It may also be that a blown fuse needs to be changed. On rare occasions, it may be caused by a problem with your vehicle’s battery.

The cables or the fuse linked with the trunk actuator switch may need to be changed to resolve this.

How much does it cost to fix a trunk latch?

On average, the cost of fixing a trunk latch is $94 but could go up to $112.52. This price may vary depending on your location.

It also depends on where you get it repaired. Any dealership or independent mechanic could fix this. Going to an independent mechanic is the way to go if you want to avoid paying dealer fees.

How do I know my trunk latch is broken?

A typical sign that the latch in your trunk is faulty is when the trunk will not close or lock into place. The latch of the lid is often stuck and difficult to open when you try to open it with the key or remotely.

Handy Hint: Here’s a long list of other reasons why your Honda Civic is beeping at you all the time.

Is it safe to drive with an open car trunk?

You should not drive with an open car trunk; it can be dangerous. Leaving the trunk open may also result in a drained battery. However, depending on the condition of your car battery, this might take anything from a few hours to many days.

Also, driving with an open trunk is unlawful if done without a purpose. However, if you are transporting a lengthy piece of baggage that will not fit well in the trunk, you may have to drive with the trunk partially open for a while.


Regardless of the type of trunk lock on your car, it may fail or break over time due to wear and tear or other factors.

Having to go through such moments can be exhausting and upsetting.

So, what’s the deal with your trunk not closing?

Well, as you can see, your Honda Civic trunk won’t close for a number of possible reasons!

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