How to Disable Honda Accord Alarm

How to Disable Honda Accord Alarm (Permanently or Temporarily)

As useful as the alarm system is in your Honda Accord, it can become more of a pain than a positive if it keeps going off when you least expect it. The alarm system is known to become troublesome and malfunction quite often, meaning many owners get so sick of it, they just want to turn the Accord alarm off permanently.

But just how do you disable a Honda Accord alarm system permanently?

To permanently disable the Honda Accord alarm system you will need to disconnect the wiring. This is simple enough as there’s a green two pin plug near the hood latch which can be removed. The instructions are lower down the page.

If you want to disable your Honda Accord alarm system on a temporary basis (perhaps you don’t have the key), then the instructions for that are also below. 

Ways you can disable your Honda Accord alarm system

The good news is that are a few techniques and ‘hacks’ you could employ to turn off that annoying alarm. One helps to permanently disable the Honda Accord alarm while the others are temporary, good enough to give you enough time to get help from a mechanic. 

Let me first help you with a DIY technique that would help you disable the factory alarm system on the Honda Accord models that were manufactured between 1990 and 2002.

Disabling the factory security system on the Honda Accord (1990 – 2002)

Many old Honda Accords were notoriously known for their alarms going off in the middle of the night, even if a small tree branch fell on it and thereby waking everyone else up in the neighborhood. To deal with this challenge, you can either adjust the sensitivity of the alarm or disable it entirely.

To perform this job that would take a maximum of 30 minutes, you’ll need a Philips head screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver, and a piece of wire.

If you intend to adjust the sensitivity of the alarm, then you can do so with the flathead screwdriver. Just below the dashboard on the driver’s side rests the control unit for the security system. Rotating the sensitivity knob between ‘min’ and ‘max’ helps select the desired amount of sensitivity.

You’ll need to set it to the level where it is neither too sensitive nor too insensitive and the best way to find that perfect spot is to keep rotating it until the point where even the slightest impact doesn’t trigger the alarm. 

However, setting the sensitivity too low may not activate the alarm, even if someone broke the glass. Be wise and pedantic when setting the right sensitivity.

How to disable Honda Accord alarm system

How to disable Honda Accord alarm permanently

If you intend to disable the alarm permanently, you must follow the steps mentioned below:

STEP 1:  To start with, you must first disconnect the power supply link under the dashboard on the driver’s side. Find the two-pin green plug by the hood latch that is attached to the grille. Pull out the two-wire bundle after you have pulled the latch.

STEP 2: Remove the connector by unscrewing the six screws. For the wires, you may strip some of the plastic insulators to push them into the female slots in the wiring harness.

Turning off the alarm temporarily 

Another way of disabling your Honda Accord alarm is through the key. This is not a permanent way to disable the alarm on your Honda Accord but could fetch you some quick relief. You could follow the steps mentioned below:

STEP 1: Get out of the car and ensure all doors are shut properly.

STEP 2: Insert the key into the door lock on the driver’s side and turn it to the ‘lock’ position.

STEP 3: Then turn the key to the ‘unlock’ position.

STEP 4: Repeat the process until the alarm turns off. Usually, doing it once or twice should solve the problem.

However, if your Accord’s alarm has malfunctioned then this process might not work all the time. In such a case, it is best to have the alarm checked by a specialist.

Ideally, these are the three best ways to deal with the Accord’s alarm when it becomes problematic- tune the sensitivity, remove it entirely, or turn it off. I would now answer some questions to help you gain more information about Honda Accord’s alarm.

Related questions  

How to turn off the Honda Accord alarm with a remote?

In case you have the key fob or the remote instead of a key for your Honda Accord, then you could get quite close to the car to help it sense the key fob. Then press the ‘alarm’ sign on the remote to turn off the alarm. The primary aspect here is that the security system wants to know that the remote is nearby, indicative of the car owner being around. 

Where is the Honda Accord alarm fuse located?

The fuse box in the older Honda Accords was located on the driver’s side just below the dashboard. It is easily identifiable. The later models eventually came with the fuse box under the hood. Once you have located it, refer to the fuse signs underneath the fuse box cover to identify the alarm fuse. 

Can a bad battery cause the alarm to go off? 

Absolutely! A low battery can cause disruption in the flow of electrical signals in the circuit, sometimes causing the alarm to think that the car is being stolen, especially when you’re trying to start the car. Since you will be able to crank the engine, it might lead you to assume that the battery is fine. But the best way to find that out is to use a voltmeter to check your battery’s power. It should read a minimum of 12.6 volts. 

If the battery has sufficient power, you may get the charging system or the alternator checked by a professional mechanic to rule out a power problem. In addition, ensure to check battery terminals for corrosion since corroded battery terminals interfere with the flow of the power supply.

Why is my Honda Accord alarm going off at random? 

Assuming that the alarm security system is working correctly on your Honda Accord and that the battery and the charging system are perfect, there could be other faults and glitches triggering the alarm. 

Firstly, you need to check the hood latch sensor as it can trigger the alarm to go off if it is faulty. To check, you may detach the hood latch sensor and if the alarm goes off randomly, the fault could be found in the connector. A bad sensor can cause false signals to get triggered due to the accumulation of dirt. 

Apart from that, you also need to check if there’s a short in the wiring. Was the wiring tampered with in the recent past? Was the alarm fitted recently? These clues can often hint at a shoddy wiring job which causes the alarm to go off randomly. A rodent can also harm the wiring harness so you must get the wiring checked by a professional at the auto shop.  

If your key fob got damaged or wet recently, it could be sending false signals to the alarm in your Honda Accord, thereby causing the alarm to go off suddenly. If you think that the key fob is the culprit, then it is best to get the problem resolved at the dealership or at an auto shop that fixed the alarm in your car. 


What could be worse is if you’ve driven far away from civilization and have no access to a mechanic or a specialist who could turn off the beeping alarm in your Honda Accord.

What would you do in such instances? Let it beep until it consumes all the power in your battery. Or try and disable it?

If you do choose to disable it, I hope these instructions have helped – here are some more guides.

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