Reset Oil Life on Honda Accord 2008

How to Reset Oil Life on Honda Accord 2008 Onwards

You would expect your Accord’s oil life indicator to rise to 100% after a recent oil change, but it doesn’t always do it.. so how can you reset this?

If you use an authorized Honda dealer or mechanic, they will always have your oil life reset after completing a maintenance service. But, if you handle your oil change yourself, you can reset the Honda Accord oil life by using the oil life button.

But if you have trouble resetting the oil life of your 2008 Honda Accord, there’s no reason to fret anymore. In this article, I will provide a detailed guide on how you can reset your oil life after a recent oil change. I will also tell why oil life reset is important and answer other related questions.

Resetting the oil life on your 2008 Honda Accord

The steps to reset your 2008 Honda Accord’s oil life are simple yet crucial. If you ignore oil life resets, your car will likely display inaccurate information, which may lead to major technical issues. 

To reset your 2008 Honda Accord’s oil life, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Turn on the ignition

The first step to resetting your oil life is to turn the ignition to run without starting the car. To achieve this, turn the key two clicks forward.

Step 2: Press the reset knob

The reset knob on your Accord is the button next to the gas gauge. Press the reset knob till the oil life indicator displays on the screen. 

Step 3: Press and hold the reset knob for ten seconds

Once your oil life is displayed on the bottom screen, press and hold the reset button down for about ten seconds or until the oil life indicator starts blinking.

Step 4: Press the reset button for another five seconds

With your oil life indicator blinking, release the knob for two seconds. Press and hold the reset knob again for another five seconds, and the oil life will reset to 100%

Step 5: Double-check

To be sure your oil life indicator has been reset, switch the ignition off and start the car. You should have a 100% if you followed steps one to four.

Step 6: You did it!

Tip: You should have your oil life reset after every oil routine change.

Why is it important to reset oi life on a 2008 Honda Accord?

When you reset the oil life on your Accord after an oil change, the system can perform its algorithm using the fresh oil.

Oil life does not automatically return to 100% after an oil change. They are likely to reflect the old percentage. If you fail to reset, you will need another oil change sooner than you should.

Also, with your Accord continuously warning you at the wrong time, it might be tough to remember when you should have your oil changed. You may even end up spending too much on oil changes as a result.

Resetting your oil life relieves the worry of calculating oil change intervals. It also saves you money in the long run.

Handy Hint: Some drivers are changing their oil too often when the real issue is the car burning through oil quicker than it should.

How does your Honda’s oil life indicator work?

The oil life indicator on your 2008 Honda Accord has sensors that collect data from the vehicle’s computer. It then predicts how your driving habits, engine temperature, environment, and other operating conditions affect the oil’s viscosity.

Contrary to popular belief, the oil life indicator does not track or measure oil quality. They use an algorithm to calculate oil life and determine when an oil change is needed.

After a fresh oil change and reset, your oil life indicator will read 100%. With mileage and other activities, this figure will begin to drop.

At what percentage should you get an oil change?

When the oil life indicator on your Accord reaches 40% to 15%, it is time to change it. 

The percentage displayed does not represent the quantity of oil left in your vehicle but its quality. It also tells how much time you have left before your car stops running at its peak.

At what percentage is your Honda Accord’s oil life too low?

The oil life on your Accord is too low if it reads 5% on the dashboard. With your oil indicator reading 5%, it means the oil in your vehicle has become too dirty. At this point, you should change your oil as soon as possible before it drops completely.

If your oil life drops to 0%, you are overdue for an oil change. At 0%, the oil left will do more harm than good to your engine.

Related questions

How often does Honda Accord need an oil change

Many auto shops advise getting an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. While this is a fair rule, it may not apply in all cases. Weather, road conditions, and driving patterns determine the frequency of oil changes your Accord needs.

Changing your oil before it reaches a low percentage is a good step for optimal performance. It is also essential to be aware of several warning indicators that signal oil change. These signs include; oil change warning lights, oil leaks, loud engines, and contaminated oil.

Your owner’s manual also provides vital information on routine oil changes.

How many miles can a Honda Accord go without an oil change?

The number of miles your Honda Accord can go without an oil change depends on your manufacturer’s specification for your model.

Time and technology have trumped the popular 3,000-mile-mark for Honda vehicles. Most Hondas can now go 5,000-10,000 miles without an oil change.

Your oil life indicator is another tool to pay close attention to when it comes to oil changes. The indicator will read a lower percentage when you are due for an oil change.

What kind of oil does Honda Accord take?

Honda recommends you use Honda Genuine Motor Oil. They also permit the use of premium-grade conventional motor oil or a 100% synthetic blend. These alternatives must, however, meet the viscosity grade criteria outlined in your owner’s manual.

How much is a Honda Accord oil change?

On average, a Honda oil change ranges from $30 to $75. Oil change prices vary depending on the model, engine size, oil type, and several other factors. 

For oil type, for example, a four-cylinder passenger car will take less oil and typically use conventional oil. Conventional oils are cheaper than full synthetic motor oils recommended for high performance for V-8 engines.


Your 2008 Honda Accord, like any other vehicle, requires routine oil changes for smooth operation and engine durability.

However, keeping track of oil change intervals on your own can be challenging. The oil life indicator is a vital component of your Honda’s maintenance reminder system that tells when it is time for an oil change.

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