What is the Honda i-MID

What is the Honda i-MID?

Every year, Honda strives to improve the quality and comfort of its vehicles by incorporating new technological innovations. The Intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) is one of the latest technical features added to some of the newer Honda models. 

The i-MID is designed to improve your driving experience and help you drive smarter, but it may take some time to get used to.

The i-MID enhances your driving experience, but what does it do, and how does it work?

What is the Honda i-MID? The Honda i-MID, or Intelligent Multi-Information Display, is a five-inch LCD screen. It can be located above the steering wheel. It enhances your driving experience by collecting data from the instrument panel and showing it on the screen.

The I-MID offers many features that allow drivers to access functions and information readily. In this article, I will elaborate on these features and what they do. 

The Honda i-MID’s features and how it works

One of the new features added to Honda automobiles is the Intelligent Multi-Information Display (iMID). It automates information access and improves the driving experience. It’s an innovation that transforms how drivers operate various car functions in a more user-friendly manner.

The i-MID is directly connected to the car’s ECU and transmits data to the dashboard’s LCD. When the ignition switch is turned on, it displays various information and notifications.

Some of the information displayed is driving-related information that can help you drive more comfortably. It also shows information that keeps you informed of your car’s regular maintenance to continue running smoothly.

The i-MID offers functions that allow you to access your smartphone, relieving your concerns about texting and driving. You can also control your music or audio files and receive text messages.

With rearview cameras in some Honda cars, drivers can now use the i-MID to look behind when reversing. 

The information displayed by your Honda’s i-MID may differ from that of others. Its content may change depending on the model. For detailed information on your car, consult your owner’s manual.

The i-MID features and functions

The i-MID’s features and functions differ depending on the car model. But, the following are some of its basic characteristics and functions.

Driving information 

This is one way the I-MID enhances your driving experience. It displays data about specific aspects of your Honda. Your engine’s oil life and fuel economy can be viewed on the screen. The trip meter is also available to drivers. In this mode, the trip meter indicates the distance driven, the odometer, and even compares route distances.

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink 

The i-MID has a Bluetooth integration system. It connects your phone to your car for safer, hands-free phone calls. Not only is calling safer but the temptation to text is mitigated by its built-in text messaging feature.

As an extra advantage, Bluetooth audio allows you to stream music directly from compatible phones. There are several audio modes to choose from, including radio, CDs, and other connectable sources.

In audio mode, the IMID displays the song title, artist, album title, and album jacket cover. In the vehicle menu, you may also adjust the volume level from the steering wheel.

Pandora Connectivity

The i-MID is designed to be compatible with Pandora. As a result, you can use the steering wheel controls to tune the radio while driving. The radio stations can also be customized to specific channels.

You can also like or dislike songs by selecting the thumbs up or thumbs down option on the display. It will also remember what songs you liked and disliked in the car, whether you listen at home, on your phone, or while driving.


The i-MID, like your computer’s wallpaper, allows you to personalize your i-MID background display with a photo of your choice. Through the USB port, you can upload up to three images.

Drivers can configure the i-MID screen displays to show the time or the wallpaper in the display settings. Drivers can select a theme color from four options: blue, red, amber, and gray.


Some Honda models come equipped with a camera on the trunk’s lid. Owners of such models can use the i-MID to check the back of their car when in reverse. 

Whenever you put your gear in reverse, the i-MID automatically displays the rear of your vehicle to help you see if there are any obstacles in your way.

Navigation system

Like the 2012 Honda CR-V, some Hondas have a navigation system accessible on the i-MID. The satellite-linked navigation system guides you from point A to point B. It can show you the way to wherever you’re headed once you input the address. 

Best of all, the i-MID screen gives you a heads up when it’s time to make your next turn. It has pre-programmed voice control that allows you to navigate without using your hands, making every drive fun and seamless.

Other functions you can do with the i-MID

Other functions that drivers can execute using the i-MID include keyless entry acknowledgment, lighting set up, and door set up.

Using the IMID, you can enable or disable keyless entry acknowledgment. Drivers can also select whether the car’s lights will blink when locked or unlocked.

Drivers can easily select the timing for the passenger cabin’s lights and headlights to turn off automatically in the lighting settings.

You can program the auto-locking of the car doors. The i-MID also gives a warning or signal when doors are not properly closed and which doors are not properly closed.

Drivers can customize the auto-lock system. It can be programmed to lock when the car travels at 15 km/h, when you shift your gear to park, or when you turn off the engine.

Related questions

How do I navigate through my Honda’s i-MID?

To interact with the i-MID, drivers can use the control switch on the steering wheel’s left side. On the control switch, the information button is at the top, the source button is in the middle, and the menu button is at the bottom. 

You can check your owner’s manual to see how to navigate through the i-MID, but here are some tips that can help you.

  • Press the ‘Display/Info’ button to change the main displays.
  • Long-press the ‘Display/Info’ button to enter the trip computer menu. 
  • Press ‘Display/Info’ to scroll through the range, elapsed time, and average speed.
  • Press the ‘MENU’ button to go to the vehicle menu for customization and other settings.
  • Press the ‘SOURCE’ button to enter a selection.
  • Press the ‘+’ button to scroll upward in the vehicle menu.
  • Press the ‘-’ button to scroll down in the Vehicle Menu.
  • Press the ‘>’ button to go to the next vehicle menu screen
  • Press the ‘<’ button to return to the previous vehicle menu screen.


If you have a Honda with i-MID, perhaps now is a good time to get to grips with it. It could transform the way you drive, or at least make things easier for you!

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