Honda Odyssey Automatic Doors Not Working

Honda Odyssey Automatic Doors Not Working

Your Honda Odyssey’s automatic doors (aka sliding doors) are a great feature. However, they can be beset with problems, so much so, that there was a recall on the 2018, 2019, and 2020 Odyssey models. It will frustrate you and make you wish you had manual doors instead.

If your Odyssey’s sliding doors are not working, what can you do?

The Honda Odyssey’s automatic doors could be not working due to an electrical issue or a clogged sensor. It could also be that the door switch is left in the off position. Reconnecting the battery, cleaning the sensor, or hard reset on the dashboard could solve this problem.

Your Honda Odyssey automatic doors not working might also stop working when water gets into the door handle cables that power the sliding doors. This can make them freeze in cold weather, or in normal temperatures, prevent the latch from working properly.

In this article, I will explain in more detail the possible reasons why your Honda Odyssey’s automatic doors are not working. I will also proffer possible solutions to these problems and details on the recall related Honda Odyssey sliding doors.

Why are my Honda Odyssey’s automatic doors not working?

When the automated sliding doors on your Honda Odyssey are not opening all the way, refus to close or malfunction, the issue could be with the toggle control switch in the driver’s seat.

Honda Odyssey sliding door not working
The Odyssey’s sliding door can get stuck and stop working.

Troubleshooting methods will differ depending on the year your Odyssey was manufactured. If you own an Odyssey manufactured between 1999 and 2011, you can try any of these methods to rectify the problem.

Method 1

  • A handle is located at both doors of the second-passenger seats. Look near the seatbelts if you can’t find them.
  • Take hold of the handle and pull. This pull may be sufficient to get the sliding doors back in good working condition.

Method 2

  • The sliding door buttons are in the driver’s area of the dashboard.
  • Select the button that corresponds to the stuck door.
  • This should allow you to close the door completely.

Method 3

  •  Examine the jammed opening on the top of the door. You will notice a rubber bumper.
  • The bumper could have gotten brittle because of wear and tear, or it could have just fallen off.
  • Replace your model’s rubber bumper with a new one.
  • Use the controls near the driver’s seat to open the door. 
  • Position the bumper such that the hook edge faces the rail.
  • After repairing the bumper, the door should work smoothly and completely open and close.

For Honda Odysseys made after 2011, follow this procedure

A toggle switch on the dashboard in the driver’s seat or on the steering wheel controls the automatic sliding doors of your Odyssey. When the toggle switch is off, the automatic sliding doors will not function properly.

  • Look for a toggle switch near the steering wheel. It’s accessible via the steering wheel button. The switch can be flipped down or up.
  • When the switch is pushed down, your car’s door buttons will no longer function.
  • Simply flip the toggle switch up. Then, when you use the controls, your car’s door should work again.

Other reasons your Honda Odyssey sliding doors don’t work

Here are some other reasons why your power sliding doors could malfunction:

1.   Clogged sensors

Another reason your Odyssey’s automatic doors may malfunction is that the sensors that control them have become clogged with dirt or grime. Dirt will prevent the sensors from working properly.

To resolve this issue, take the following steps:

  • Make sure your Honda is turned off.
  • After that, manually open all your car’s doors.
  • Sift through the door pillars and contacts. You will need to clean them if they are dirty or if grime and dust have accumulated.
  • Clean the sensors and the door sliding rails with rubbing alcohol.
  • Check the rubber sections of the railing again. Check that everything is in its proper place and that nothing is missing.
  • Turn on the master switch and leave the doors slightly open after everything is clean and in place.
  • Finally, close the doors using the door control switch.

2.   Electrical Fault

The power doors on your Honda Odyssey could malfunction due to an electrical problem. It’s possible that the doors are not getting enough power. The batteries or fuses could cause this issue.

To address this issue, consider overriding the fuse for the sliding doors so you can manually open and close them or detach and reconnect the batteries. Take the following steps.

  • Remove the No. B16 (10 A) fuse from the relay box under the hood. This will clear the sliding door’s DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes).
  • Turn off the main switch on the door.
  • Turn the ignition to the “lock” position.
  • Manually close the sliding door. 
  • Turn on the ignition key.
  • Turn on the main door switch.
  • Test the sliding doors for appropriate operation using the power sliding door switch, remote transmitter, and door handles.

You can get a professional or contact your mechanic to help fix it so you don’t damage the fuse box or anything else.

3.   Broken cable

In your Odyssey’s sliding doors is a cable connected to a motor. This cable, combined with the motor, helps the doors operate automatically. Your power sliding doors may not function well if this cable breaks. 

Here is how you can fix it.

  • Disconnect the battery before you begin to avoid being zapped.
  • Remove the rear tailgate, the taillight fasteners, and the taillight.
  • Remove the plastic and metal parts that cover the tracks.
  • Take the door off the track. You may need to use a jack to secure the door.
  • Remove the cables holding the door bracket with a pair of needle-nose pliers.
  • Purchase and install a replacement door bracket.
  • Fix the door back in place.
  • Reassemble the parts that were removed and test your sliding door. It should be functioning well again.

This procedure can prove to be difficult and overwhelming. Rather than trying to do it yourself, it’s better to contact a mechanic to help you fix it.

Related questions

How do you manually close the sliding doors in a Honda Odyssey?

Are you having trouble closing the sliding doors on your Odyssey automatically? You can manually close it by switching off the toggle controls at the driver’s seat. Then you can just pull the door forward.

Do all Honda Odysseys have sliding doors?

The first generation (1995-1998) of Honda Odysseys didn’t have sliding doors. Their rear doors opened on hinges like regular car doors and didn’t slide across. Sliding doors became a part of Honda Odysseys from their second generation (1999-2004).

Do all Honda Odysseys have power sliding doors?

Not all Honda Odysseys are made with automatic doors. Their second generation introduced power sliding doors into Honda Odysseys (1999-2004). However, only the Honda Odyssey EX and other models had power sliding doors at this time; the LX models had manual sliding doors.  

Power sliding doors later became a constant feature on all Honda Odysseys made after 2011.

Why does my Honda Odyssey keep beeping after I close the door?

Your Honda Odyssey may keep beeping because the auto-lock function did not initiate, and your vehicle is still unlocked. It could also happen when you leave the smart entry remote inside the car or if a door or hood is not closed.

Is there a recall on Honda Odyssey sliding doors?

There was a recall on Honda Odyssey sliding doors in 2018. The manufacturer recalled 107,000 vehicles after reports emerged that the doors could open during transit after not shutting properly. 

Press reports noted:

“Some components in the power sliding door’s rear latch assembly are prone to sticking, which can stop the front and rear latches from securely connecting. Honda will notify owners, and dealers will replace the left and right power sliding door rear latch assemblies, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin Dec. 20, 2018, when Honda will notify owners by mail.”


If you have a Honda Odyssey where the sliding doors are not working, check with the manufacturer as your vehicle could fall under the recall.