Honda Pilot Alarm Keeps Going Off

Honda Pilot Alarm Keeps Going Off: Causes & Fixes

The Honda Pilot alarm system is a security feature that is often triggered by a shock or vibration sensor. The alarm systems are programmed to go off automatically when they detect motions or signs of an intrusion. 

Although these alarms are set up to react to cases like auto theft and vandalism, they can go off randomly even where there is no threat, creating an unpleasant scene.

Why does your Honda Pilot’s alarm keep going off when there are no signs of invasion, and how can it be fixed?

Some common reasons why your Honda Pilot’s alarm keeps going off can include low battery power, a defective hood latch sensor, and a faulty door lock sensor. These issues can easily be fixed by charging the car battery, lubricating the hood latch, or properly shutting the doors.

Several other issues could trigger your Honda Pilot’s alarm system to go off and cause a continuous blaring. 

In this article, I will go over the probable causes in detail and provide you with easy fixes to help with the situation. There will also be answers to related questions that may be bugging you.

Why does my Honda Pilot’s alarm keep going off?

Where there is no real danger, having your Pilot’s alarm go off suddenly with incessant whining can be frustrating and unpleasant to your neighborhood.

When faced with such situation, any of the following listed below could have triggered the alarm system:

1. A weak or dead car battery

Your Pilot’s alarm system is not only an anti-theft feature but is also designed to alert you when there is an issue with your car. A typical example is when you have a weak or dead car battery.

A weak or dead battery in your Honda Pilot will likely not supply the right amount of voltage to the alarm system, and this can cause it to go off randomly.

You can test your Pilot’s battery level using a voltmeter. A reading of less than 12.6 volts indicates that you need a battery change sooner than later.

Where the issue is not a flat battery, inspect the battery terminals. Corroded or rusty battery terminals are other culprits that could set your car alarm off.

2. A defective or dirty hood latch sensor

The invention of the hood latch sensor in modern vehicles is to ward off thieves and alert you when the hood is not properly shut. Your alarm going off with the hood fully closed and no sign of intrusion signals a potential issue with the hood latch sensor.

Like every other component under your Pilot’s hood, the sensor is prone to dirt and debris accumulation. The hood sensor perceives this accumulation as a potential break-in attempt, so it sets off the alarm.

Also, a defective hood latch connection or a misaligned or broken hood latch sensor will falsely trigger your Pilot’s alarm.

3. Faulty door lock sensor

As with the hood latch sensor, the door lock sensor in your Pilot detects and sets off your alarm when your car doors are forced open or wrongly closed.

The door lock sensor can malfunction and trigger the alarm even when the doors are fully shut and there are no signs of trespass. Common causes of these malfunctions include a broken actuator, faulty wiring or water seeping into your car door.

4.  Key fob issues

 With just a button push, your Pilot’s key fob allows you to control the car locks and even start the engine. They also have a connection to your car’s alarm system.

Since the key fobs are programmed to send signals to your Pilot, a malfunctioning key fob will likely transmit the wrong signal. When your Pilot receives false signals, it forces the alarm to go off on its own.

Some reasons for a malfunctioning key fob include weak or dead key fob batteries, stuck key fob buttons or a defective key fob.

5. Incorrect alarm installation 

Your Pilot’s alarm could go off randomly because it was not correctly installed. If you recently purchased an aftermarket alarm, chances are high that they were improperly installed.

On the other hand, if you had them installed yourself, you may have missed a step. Double-check and follow through with the steps in the installation manual to get it right.

6. Over-sensitive sensors

Your Honda Pilot is built with various sensors that can detect activities around the car. Some of these sensors include proximity, tilt and impact sensors. If any of these sensors are overly sensitive, they can trigger the alarm system at the slightest bump.

Also, if the sensors are faulty, they can cause the alarm to go off unexpectedly. An over-sensitive sensor that sets your alarm off will drain your car battery faster than usual.

How can you fix a Honda Pilot alarm that keeps going off?

If your Pilot’s alarm does not stop blaring and setting off at odd hours, any of the following methods below can fix the issue:

1. Lock and unlock your car doors

Most times, all you need do to quiet a blaring alarm is to lock and unlock the car doors. Try using your Pilot’s physical key if attempts to use the key fob fail.

2. Start the car

Turn on the car if locking and unlocking the doors does not work. Switch the ignition to the on position or start the engine. The alarm may not go silent immediately, so you may need to sit in your car for a few minutes.

3. Clean your hood latch sensor

Ensuring that your hood latch sensor is kept clean will not only save you from alarm triggers but also boost your Pilot’s security.

Scrubbing off the dirt from the hood latch sensor should be done gently and carefully. 

 4. Adjust the sensitivity sensors

Examine and adjust your sensitivity sensor if they are overly sensitive. This keeps your Pilot sensors from reacting to slight bumps or movements around the car. Your owner’s manual contains steps to reduce the sensitivity.     

Other ways to fix the alarm issues include replacing the key fob batteries, recharging or disconnecting your car battery, and resetting your alarm system.

If you still have your Pilot alarm going off after trying the methods above, you should seek professional help.

FAQs on faulty Honda Pilot alarm systems

Will your Pilot’s alarm go off if your car battery is dead?

Your Pilot’s alarm will not go off if the car battery is completely dead. However, a low car battery will trigger the alarm system.

Can you permanently disable Honda Pilot alarm?

A Pilot’s alarm installed from the factory may be difficult to remove if you intend to do it yourself. On the other hand, aftermarket car alarms are relatively easy to get rid of.


Hopefully this guide will stop your Honda Pilot alarm randomly going off during the night.

If you cannot isolate the alarm faulty to low battery power, a defective hood latch sensor, and a faulty door lock sensor, then I can only suggest a Honda dealer or mechanic next.

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