Honda Civic sunroof wont close

My Honda Civic Sunroof Won’t Close (or Open): How to Fix / Reset

If your Honda Civic sunroof won’t close, or perhaps it’s jammed shut and you can’t open it, the following guide is for you. I will explain what to do if your sunroof won’t close, how you can manually close it, and the answers to other closely related problems.

What to if my Honda Civic sunroof won’t close? If your Honda Civic sunroof won’t close all the way you can reset, it and try again. An alternative way is to manually close the sunroof which is explained lower down the page.

It’s not always that simple though which is why I encourage you to read the remainder of the guide and examine the diagrams showing the Honda Civic sunroof problems and issues.

How do I close my Honda Civic sunroof?

To fix a stuck sunroof, be aware it could be down to a few issues. For examples, I believe the 10thgeneration Civics were particularly notoriuous for sunroof problems. The small wheels that run it would miss each other and make a clicking sound. 

The steps on manually closing your Civic sunroof are lower down the page. That takes a bit of effort though, so let’s first look how to reset the sunroof of your Honda Civic.

Handy Hint: Make sure your sunroof is secure at all times as it’s a potential entry point for thieves. Here are 11 tips on how to make your Civic more secure against theft.

How to reset a Honda Civic sunroof (step by step)

If the sunroof won’t open or close you might be able to fix this problem by resetting the sunroof control unit. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Shut the door on the driver’s side. It should remain closed until you are done with this procedure.
  2. Turn OFF the vehicle’s ignition switch.
  3. Push and hold the tilt switch and veer/turn the ignition switch to ON (II).
  4. Let go of the tilt switch and turn OFF the ignition switch.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 four times.
  6. Push and hold the sunroof OPEN switch for an additional 3 seconds after the sunroof is completely open.
  7. Push and hold the sunroof CLOSE switch for an additional 3 seconds after the sunroof is completely closed.

Hopefully you will have successfully reset the sunroof control unit of your Honda Civic. To verify that you have successfully fixed the sunroof issue, use the moonroof AUTO OPEN/CLOSE function. 

My Honda Civic sunroof still won’t open or close

If it still won’t close or open after resetting the sunroof’s control unit, other factors may be the cause of the sunroof malfunction. Here are some things you can do to checkmate this issue further.

1. Inspect the motor of the sunroof 

Firstly, you want to make sure nothing is obstructing the sunroof from closing. Also, if no power is coming into the motor, the sunroof will remain open or closed. This hints at an electrical problem that a simple control unit reset can’t fix. 

Have a technician inspect the sunroof’s motor by turning and adding pressure from the inside of the motor mechanism. The goal here is to try and open the sunroof manually. 

If the technician succeeds in operating it manually, you have a damaged motor. As you might have guessed, this could mean your Honda Civic needs a sunroof motor replacement. 

Honda Civic sunroof wont open
It’s a race against time before rain starts to fall.

2. Check the wiring leading to the sunroof’s motor 

While replacing a defective motor should be your next course of action, you do not want to replace a working motor if you don’t need to. You should check that it’s not faulty wiring which is hindering the sunroof from opening or closing. 

Have a technician check the wires going into the sunroof’s motor to ensure power isn’t getting cut off from the motor because of a short circuit. 

The sunroof wires and switch will be tested using a multi-meter. If there’s no resistance, the cables aren’t damaged, implying that it’s probably the motor. However, if there is resistance, it points towards faulty wiring, and the wires should be fixed or replaced. 

While the above sounds like a job for an experienced technician, here’s something you can do yourself if the sunroof won’t close:

3. Clean the sunroof tracks of your Honda Civic 

As mentioned earlier, checking for obstacles that could hinder the sunroof from moving is another option. If there is debris, clean the tracks of the sunroof might fix it. A lack of power and a dirty sunroof track are major reasons your Honda Civic’s sunroof won’t open or close

Also if there is a build-up of debris, it can damage the sunroof cables. 

Honda Civic sunroof wont close all the way
Once fixed you should be able to close the sunroof like before.

How to clean your Honda Civic’s sunroof 

Cleaning the sunroof of your Honda Civic is easily the most effective way of ensuring and maintaining its full functionality. 

  1. Clean every visible area of the sunroof. You can use a vacuum if needed. 
  2. Use a toothbrush, automotive cleaner, and a soft cloth to wipe down the gasket around the roof (do this to all moving parts).
  3. Apply a small quantity of lightweight, heat-resistant grease to the moving parts (e.g., White lithium).
  4. Use a cleaner that doesn’t contain ammonia or vinegar to clean the glass. (cleaners with these chemicals will vaporize in warmer temperatures and can cause irritation if inhaled).

Handy Hint: Here’s a list of which Civic models come with a sunroof.

Related questions about Honda Civic sunroof problems

In this section, we will answer several related questions about the Honda Civic’s sunroof problem. 

How to unclog / unblock Honda Civic Sunroof drains

I’ve not had to do this myself, but I read one hack:

“First purchase an older vehicle speedometer repair kit for a speedometer cable. For example, an Autozone kit for a 1975 Dodge w200 has a 120-inch cable. This cable is flexible enough to go through all tight spots. You can then rotate it like a plumbers snake or use a slow speed drill motor.”

This video is also very good.

How to manually close Honda Civic sunroof 

If the electric motor has failed and you can’t shut or open it, you can manually close your Honda Civic’s sunroof. 

  1. Locate the Honda tool kit that might be in your trunk. If you don’t have one, get a set of Allen keys.
  2. Using a coin or screwdriver, take out the round plug in the center of the headliner.
  3. Get the sunroof wrench from the Honda tools and insert it into the socket you have exposed.
  4. Turn the wrench until you close or open the sunroof as desired.
close civic sunroof
Here’s how to manually close an older Honda Civic sunroof.

Does the Honda Civic sunroof have a fuse?

Yes, it does, and this could also be where the problem lies. Like several electrical parts of your vehicle, the sunroof has a fuse that protects it from power surges/voltage spikes.

Your vehicle’s sunroof will not open or close in the event of a broken fuse. 

What causes my sunroof to jam?

The most common cause of a jammed sunroof is lack of maintenance. The sunroof tracks can get clogged by hardened grease, dirt, or debris. This could cause it to jam.

Also, the cables could snap if you try to force close or open the sunroof without getting rid of the blockage.

What are the common sunroof problems?

A leaking sunroof is one of the most common problems you can have with your Honda Civic’s sunroof. This leak could be due to the wear and tear of the rubber seals or a clog in the sunroof’s drain. It can damage the interior of your car, especially if water enters some electrical parts

Another common Honda Civic sunroof problem is electrical issues. Electrical problems are often a result of a broken fuse, dead motor, or faulty switch. Also, mechanical issues with the sunroof are pretty common.

Honda Civic sunroof button not working
A mechanical issue or fuse might be why the sunroof button won’t work.

How much does it cost to replace a Honda Civic’s sunroof motor?

On average, it costs about $737 to $831 to replace the sunroof motor of your Honda Civic. Keep in mind that the cost of labor sits around $360 to $454, while the motor itself is $378. You should know that this price for the motor replacement does not factor in the model year you have and doesn’t include tax.

How long does it take to replace a broken sunroof?

It takes roughly 60 to 90 minutes to replace a broken sunroof. You should know that this time is recorded starting from when the technician begins the project until the installation process is complete. 


The next (and hopefully, last) time your Honda Civic sunroof button is not working, first check there’s no obstruction. Next perform a reset. If no luck, manually close it.

Take it to a dealer – it could be something as simple as a fuse needing replacing rather than a faulty sunroof motor.

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